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Outdoor Adventurous Activities

The outdoor education team works across Wickersley Partnership Trust to deliver educational and developmental activities to students of all ages. These include a range of water sports and land-based activities taking place on schools sites, at Ulley Activity Centre, and outdoor venues across the local area, including the Peak District.

Water Safety

Water safely is at the core of the WPT water sports offer. All children are fitted with an age appropriate floatation device for the sessions, as well as learning about cold water shock and the dangers of open water along the way. In 2022, WPT linked with SY fire and rescue service to offer additional water safety modules as part of the OAA offer.

Ulley (2)


Ulley Activity Centre is located at the side of the reservoir at Ulley Country Park. Originally run by the Rotherham LEA, Ulley Activity Centre has a long history of providing high quality outdoor and adventurous activities.


Wickersley Partnership Trust took over this site in 2011 to allow this tradition to continue. Now Ulley Activity Centre is used as a base to run a wide variety of activities which enrich curriculum, aid students’ personal development and improve results. Ulley Activity Centre is predominantly a water sport centre but also offers a wide variety of land-based activities on site, in the local surrounding countryside and in the Peak District National Park.


Ulley Activity Centre has a small friendly team of dedicated outdoor practitioners who are highly experienced in the education sector. This along with our small private site makes it perfect for our schools. 


Activities on Offer

  • Raft Building – children work as a team building a raft, which they eventually paddle on the lake
  • Kayaking / sit on top – children are introduced to the basic paddle strokes as well as how to be safe when on the water. The sit-on-top kayak’s are designed for beginners which ensures maximum safety and enjoyment during sessions
  • Canoeing – single and rafted canoes are available at Ulley, which allows a group of children to work together in a safe and controlled environment
  • Sailing – The funboats are perfect for beginners, learning the basics of how to sail a craft correctly
  • Paddleboarding – WPT has single and mega SUP’s, which allows beginners to learn the basics of paddling
  • Archery – sessions can be offered on school sites, at Ulley or at Cranworth Road using our brand new archery curtains
  • Indoor Climbing – schools have access to the 6 line wall at Cranworth Road. All UKS2 children take part in the programme throughout term 2, looking at improving climbing technique, abseiling, bouldering competition setting/running, intermediate/advanced rope work, route setting, & assistance in managing and running multiple climbing lines in lessons


Our OAA enrichment activities offer students a variety of taster sessions both land and water based. We aim to foster a ‘can do’ attitude in students who might not have previously had the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities.


By encouraging students to venture outside their comfort zone we illustrate that what they might initially perceive as scary, risky, and beyond their ability level is actually safe and achievable. Many of the activities are also designed to develop problems solving skills and team building.

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