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School to school support is at the heart of Wickersley Partnership Trust, and we truly believe that the collaborative experience and systems of multiple schools and colleagues working together can only further enhance the educational experiences of the students and communities we serve.


Over the past 10 years, Wickersley Partnership Trust has evolved and matured into a strategic, forward facing educational establishment. Our recent Ofsted inspections prove that our use of School and Subject Ways and Pledges, Trust support, system leadership and collaboration is a winning formula.

School Improvement

Sustainable school improvement is our core business and schools joining the Trust do so with the aim of improving each other so that each of them can become outstanding. School to school support is at the heart of WPT and we see a synergy in working in partnership with other schools and other school leaders.


Our 10-point School Improvement plan:

1 – Quantitively know our schools well

Our schools monitor progress and performance not just in tests and exams but also in real time at key points across the year.

2 – Ensure our schools work together

WPT commissions or conducts external/peer reviews for each school. This often involves senior leaders from one or more school using a formal model to scrutinise another.

3 – Adapt strategies to a school’s contect

WPT understands where each school is on its school improvement journey and pinpoints precisely the issues that need to be addressed if it is to make progress.

4 – Develop expertise strategically

Within the Trust we achieve a win-win by broadening the leadership experience of our best and emerging leaders; deploying them to support schools that have particular problems or challenges.

5 – Lead improvement in teaching and learning

Our System Leadership model ensures that good practice is shared across our schools – we are one school working across many different sites.

6 – Use enquiry-based learning

It is staff learning with and from each other (both within and across schools) that makes an impact in terms of student learning and progress, in particular a research focus on SEND, disadvantaged pupils and safeguarding.

7 – Empower leaders at all levels

We believe the best MAT’s know that they gain real energy and momentum when they empower leaders to work together.

8 – Evolve and apply some non-negotiables

Centralised systems and deliberate actions can facilitate collaboration, allowing WPT to develop and share good practice and evolve, without losing the uniqueness of each school and stifling creativity. 

9 – Work with and learn from external schools

WPT recognises that it is not perfect, and that by engaging with and learning from other schools can only lead to positive outcomes for all.  We are open to learning from other organisations: we encourage our schools and teams to look outwards as well as inwards for improvement support.

10 – Measure impact

Perhaps most importantly of all – we measure the impact that our strategies and practices have, and refine our direction of travel where needed. We do not stand still and are always evolving.

What makes WPT unique?

Take a look through our website to find out who we are and what we truly stand for. 

“We aim to send all children into an ever-changing world, able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Our Curriculum

Using our System Leadership model, we employ Subject Directors to drive the curriculum across subjects. At Primary, we use Lead Practitioners and subject specialists to produce an innovative and inspiring curriculum.

Central Services

We have invested heavily in our central services, both to obtain value for money and reduce the number of repetitive tasks each school undertake, but also to allow schools to focus on teaching and learning and educational outcomes.

Staff Benefits and Wellbeing

WPT has developed a core benefits and wellbeing offer that all colleagues are entitled to. From a leading pension to Westfield Health access; our annual Staff Awards to termly wellbeing events, the wellbeing of our staff underpins every aspect of how we operate.

SEND Provisions

We operate several small SEND provisions across WPT, ensuring that children with additional needs are catered for with specialist staff in a secure, nurturing and accepting environment.


The WPT Pledges are at the heart of empowering students to be confident, well-rounded, enthusiastic and respectable members of our communities.


All schools follow their own School Way, and at secondary all subjects also have their own Subject Way. The Ways are how students conduct themselves around school and beyond, and also aim to raise the aspirations of our students.

School Sport and OAA

We are fortunate to host the two Rotherham School Games coordinators, and offer our students excellent sporting opportunities.


We also have exclusive access to Ulley Reservoir, where we undertake numerous OAA activities.

Enrichment and Entitlement

All students across WPT are promised both an Entitlement and Enrichment offer. Entitlement is our core offer that all students will take part in. Enrichment are extra-curricular opportunities that all students are offered in addition to their core entitlement.

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