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Year 6 Transition

The importance of a good start to secondary school education cannot be overemphasised. Our transition programme ensures that we embed the learning habits that will stand our students in good stead for their future academic studies. We believe that all students joining us in Year 7 should understand the core values and expectations of the school, experience the sense of school community and be familiar with the school site, key staff and peers.


In order to do this we are committed to ensuring that we deliver a core entitlement for all which consists of:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Transition programmes of activities
  • Enhanced transition for vulnerable students / SEND
  • Safeguarding

Our transition activities begin in Year 5 when students are invited to take part in academic masterclasses, introducing them to some of the subjects they will study at secondary school. All Year 6 students are invited for a site tour. Heads of Year visit feeder primary schools throughout Year 6, and parents/carers are invited in to school for Y5/6 Open Evenings. We hold three family transition evenings:


  • Core Subject Transition
  • Options Subject Transition
  • Meet the Tutor evening


This ensures that students and families are fully informed in all aspects of starting secondary school in Year 7.


Our transition offer culminates with an extended, four week rollover period, where Year 6 students join their secondary school full time from the end of June and for the remainder of the academic year. Research highlights that this method of transition greatly increases the ease at which students start secondary school, and ensures our new Year 7 students are ready to learn from day one.

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