Working in partnership to support school improvement

Learning to achieve the very best each young person is capable of

a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum

Progression and continuity in a 11 to 19 educational model

A commitment to support and develop all our staff

Professional and calm learning environments

Home - school partnerships crucial to teaching and learning

Wickersley Partnership Trust.

Wickersley Partnership Trust exists to further the interests of the young people that it serves. We believe that education empowers and enriches and the schools that make up the Trust see sufficient on-going learning given the age and ability of every young person on their roles as their primary objective. This is achieved by outstanding teaching. We never knowingly do less for other people’s children than we would do for our own.

School To School Support.

School to school support is at the heart of Wickersley Partnership Trust and we see a synergy in working in partnership with other schools and other school leaders.


Learning is measured by assessment, testing and examination and all of the young people in our schools should achieve the very best public examination grade of which they are capable in all of the subjects that they study.


The curriculum in all of our schools will be our priority and will be broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated and lead to appropriate post 16 progression and employment.

Progression & Continuity.

Progression and continuity are essential and our considered approach sees 11 to 19 education as the very best model and we will always seek to develop a 6th Form in each of our schools.

Staff Development.

Staff development is key to our continued success and we aim to “grow our own” through identifying and developing talented staff, from Initial Teacher Trainees to Senior Leaders.

Business-like & Calm.

Our schools will be business-like and calm and no student will be allowed to behave in such a way as to prevent another student learning. Bullying will be met with a swift and intolerant response.


Often parents feel disenfranchised and our schools see the home school partnership as crucial to teaching and learning. We will work hard on reporting and all communication.

On-Going Prior Learning Data.

The formative use of on-going prior learning data is crucial to targeted teaching and we will focus on its’ collection, collation and use. Where possible, ability setting will be employed.

The Trust is formed around Wickersley School & Sports College: an OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ school for many years and one of the original 100 Teaching Schools. Wickersley School & Sports College is a very large (2000 students plus), oversubscribed comprehensive school whose outcomes are second to none.

Helen O’Brien
CEO, Wickersley Partnership Trust

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