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School Sport Partnership

We believe that participation in high quality PE and Sport is valuable in its own right because of the specific educational outcomes and the personal, social and health benefits.


It is also a very effective means of engaging young people in their broader learning, by raising aspirations, providing motivation and promoting behaviours that lead to higher levels of attainment across the full range of school subjects.


Because of this, we believe that every child in Rotherham and Gainsborough deserves equal access to high quality PE and Sport learning environments and programmes that are inclusive, safe, challenging, progressive and enjoyable. These opportunities should be embedded in the school curriculum, be available as out of school hours provision and in the community.

Curriculum PE and School Sport

  • Weekly support with PE delivery including curriculum delivery across all year groups including bespoke meeting time with PE Coordinators / wider school staff to ensure each schools CPD needs are met
  • Progressive curriculum from EYFS through to upper KS2 which focus on increasing children’s engagement, attainment and interest in physical activity
  • Comprehensive assessment tool which links in to the long term planning (on Bromcom to align with other subject areas)
  • Networking of PE and local sports contacts across the borough, developing strategic support for school
  • The Sports Development Manager will be responsible for developing each Primary School Sport Premium Impact Report, ensuring they are Ofsted compliant
  • Access to short, medium and long term PE planning including schemes of work in a variety of sports (lesson plans and resource packs included)
  • Access to emerging sports programmes/ projects within Rotherham, Gainsborough and Nationwide
  • Information and links to local sports clubs including an updated Community Sports Club Programme (exit routes for children following School Games provision)
  • Throughout KS3 and KS4, we believe in an ‘equal diet’ approach. All students, at every school, experience the same activities
  • During Y8 and Y10, every student receives a full day of outdoor activities. This includes rock climbing, archery, orienteering and water sports
  • All students have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular clubs in a broad range of activities
WPT Swimming


WPT operates a swimming pool, located on site at Aston Lodge Primary School. All children within Y2 and Y4 are given a block of swimming lessons at our recently refurbished facility, led by the Trust’s fully qualified swimming instructor. There are also slots available for non-swimmers / SEND or nurture groups, which can be booked upon request via our Facilities Hire service.

School Games AH

Rotherham School Games

Rotherham School Games aims to provide every child with a positive experience in an environment where the young person’s motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of the competition.


We’re incredibly proud that Rotherham School Games organisers are based at WPT, which ensures quality assurance and additional support with participation, competition and the School Games Mark across the MAT.

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