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Central Services

Wickersley Partnership Trust has a central services team, based at our headquarters close to Rotherham Town Centre. Bespoke centralised support for all of our schools is offered, in many different areas, which allows schools to focus on their core priority of improving the life chances, teaching and learning of our students.


Central services offered by the Trust include:


  • Finance
  • Pensions and Payroll
  • Operations (including Transport, Lettings and Governance)
  • Premises, Compliance and Risk
  • HR and Recruitment
  • IT
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Data and Timetabling
  • Physical Education
  • Peripatetic Music

Kirstie Lee

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Our centralised Finance Team streamlines processes and improves efficiencies which, in turn, derive savings that are passed onto individual Trust schools for the benefit of the students. Our service encompasses all elements of financial support, from procurement, invoicing, payments, payroll & pension through to strategic financial planning and budgeting. We also produce the statutory accounts each year along with a number of statutory reports submitted throughout the year.

Lee Rushforth

Senior Premises & Compliance Manager

The Premises and Compliance Team maintains and improves the Trust’s school sites. Our core aims are making sure that each site is a safe and engaging space for our students and a positive working environment for Trust employees. This also includes being compliant with all statutory regulations. We strive to maintain all our premises to a high standard while working to improve them and the facilities we provide wherever possible.

Shelley Armitage

Senior HR Manager

The HR service encompasses all elements of managing the employee life cycle including Recruitment & Retention, Employer/Employee Relations and Workforce Development. We strive to create an inclusive, diverse and happy workforce by aligning working practices across the Trust and implementing consistent processes. Our aim is to enable high performance by supporting our schools and embedding a Trust culture. We strive to consistently deliver a pro-active and professional HR service through developing effective partnerships with the Trust schools – allowing them to concentrate on the most important task of teaching and learning

Michael Ward

Senior IT Manager

The IT Team works together to service the needs of all the Trust’s staff and students. We work on most aspects of Information Technology, including cloud-based solutions, infrastructure configurations, WANs and Active Directory, whilst also servicing the day to day needs of our users. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology and we’re always looking for the next development in technology.

Scott Gunn

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

The Marketing & Communications Team offers a core marketing, publicity and web design service for the whole Trust. We work closely with school staff, SLT and the wider Central Team. Our remit is to develop websites, run social media, effectively market and publicise the Trust and its activities (including professional photography), and ensure a consistent brand and tone of voice across our schools and Trust.

Helen Roddison

Senior Data Manager

The Central Data Team drives data collections within the Trust, and produces a wide range of data analysis to assist each school and subject department to show their overall progress and predictions. Our aim is to produce efficient analysis to provoke meaningful discussions and interventions to help support our students and continue to raise aspirations within our community of schools.

Dean Fenton

Risk Manager

The Risk and Compliance Team provides advice and support to schools across a range of statutory and essential functions including health, safety and welfare, educational visits, emergency resilience planning, admission to school policy development and GDPR. We develop policies and procedures, and undertake audits and reviews to ensure continued compliance with statutory frameworks.

David Walker

Primary PE & School Games Coordinator

The Primary PE Team works across our eight primary schools, delivering the WPT curriculum from EYFS through to Y6. Our progressive curriculum focuses on personal development through physical activity and sport, which assesses our children on ability as well as knowledge. We also work on a number of other areas which contribute to the PE & School Sport enrichment offer including swimming (curriculum delivery, SEND sessions, 1 to 1 tuition), OAA (indoor climbing, archery and water sports) as well as the national School Games initiative (competition and festivals, leadership opportunities and targeted provision).

Sarah Bingham

Director of Music

The Trust implements its own peripatetic music service ensuring value for money and high quality teaching. We currently have over 200 pupils having individual 20 minute lessons each week across our primary and secondary schools.

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