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Ofsted Results

Wickersley Partnership Trust is immensely proud to have been awarded six grade improvements from our recent Ofsted ratings, including five primary schools, which have gone from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ – one with outstanding elements. These grade improvements are an excellent achievement for WPT schools and everyone involved. 

The improvement in ratings demonstrate the hard work our staff and the Trust have put into our schools, and mean that over 1,800 students now have access to an Ofsted ‘Good’ education, where before they had not.


Across the board the curriculum was described as ‘ambitious’ and ‘well-organised’; we’re incredibly proud of how our Leadership Teams have collaborated to ensure the careful sequencing of learning across all the year groups in our schools. The Trust’s work with our SEND departments was also recognised by Ofsted, saying that the support is ‘effective’ and that our SEND students are ‘able to work alongside their peers and achieve the same outcomes’. The schools were seen as ‘inclusive’ and demonstrated that we’re able to support students of all backgrounds and abilities. In numerous inspections, our schools’ ability to continuously check previous learning and determine that our students have grasped the learning objective and can apply it to other areas was recognised; which is something our leaders have worked hard to embed within the curriculum and our lessons. 


Alongside the curriculum, our extensive range of enrichment activities was recognised by Ofsted. We aim to give our students as many experiences as possible whilst with Wickersley Partnership Trust, from museum trips to further students’ education, our peri-music lessons, first aid lessons and our involvement in OAA, School Games and residentials The Trust organises for its students. The extra-curricular activities provided by our schools was also observed in several of the reports, noting that they help the students ‘develop their talent and interests’. In our secondary schools, our careers focus was also acknowledged, saying we provide ‘valuable work experience’ for our students. Plus, we provide opportunities for students to ‘develop their leadership skills’.


Our Senior Leadership Team has worked incredibly hard on instilling ‘The Ways’ throughout our schools, and this did not go unnoticed – as the students were described as ‘proud of these standards and aspire to fulfil them’. The reports also detail how the Ways help our students ensure they are prepared for their next stage of education and life in modern Britain; students know how to ‘keep themselves healthy and safe’, ‘talk… about online safety and healthy relationships’ and are passionate about equality by being ‘accepting and welcoming of everyone’.


The Trust’s emphasis on developing a love of reading throughout the curriculum was recognised: we have students that ‘are enthusiastic about the books that they read in school and can discuss their favourite authors’. The Trust is delighted that students are able to talk in detail about their favourite books and understand how reading supports their learning. We strongly believe that a love of books encourages children to want to learn and helps them to improve their learning too. 


For all our schools that have recently been inspected, Safeguarding has been marked as effective, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our Safeguarding team has put in to ensure our students are safe. 


It is fantastic to see that our Leadership Teams are being recognised for their supportive approach. Staff across the Trust receive support where they need it, be that with development or with their classrooms. We are proud of the community network we have at Wickersley Partnership Trust and happy to see it is demonstrated throughout the inspections. 


Wickersley Partnership Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved with our recent Ofsted inspections, and who helped to ensure that our students and staff received the results we were awarded. It’s encouraging to see the improvements across the board at our schools and all the hard work of all the staff being recognised. 

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