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About Wickersley Partnership Trust

We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world, able and qualified to play their full part in it.

Teaching brings with it great power and even greater responsibility; the power to change lives for the better and the responsibility to do no less.


Wickersley Partnership Trust was founded in 2014 to further the interests of the young people that we serve. One of our core mantras is to never do less for other people’s children than we would for our own, and we stand by this to this day.


We are committed to:


  • Ensuring students have the best educational experience possible
  • Raising achievement through high standards and expectations
  • Providing active, cooperative and independent learning through dynamic and high-quality teaching


The climate for learning within Wickersley Partnership Trust is characterised by embedded inclusivity and high expectations from the whole Trust community. We operate as one school on many different sites. Schools have their own individual character and this is actively encouraged, but the core ethos, vision and practices are driven by the Trust’s desire to ensure equality for all, regardless of location.


At Wickersley Partnership Trust, we aim to create an atmosphere where each child is valued as an individual, enabling them to develop a positive self-image, self-discipline and respect for others.


We place a strong emphasis on our core values, and we celebrate our rich diversity and work in partnership with parents, children and the wider community. Our innovative, creative and integrated curriculum takes account of different learning styles and the communities we serve – inspiring and motivating children of all backgrounds to learn.


Our students receive the same experiences, whether through a shared curriculum, our flagship School Ways and School Pledges, after school enrichment activities, school trips and visits or our leading Personal Development and PSHE offer.


All staff are supported thoroughly in their professional development through the dissemination of best practice and emphasis on collaboration. Our innovative Workforce Development and System Leadership Programmes allow all of our colleagues to flourish.

WPT History

Trust conception – Wickersley School and Sports College becomes an academy.

Aston Hall, Aston Lodge and Brinsworth Whitehill become the first primary schools to join the Trust, beginning a rapid period of expansion.


Monkwood Primary and Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary join Wickersley Partnership Trust.


The Gainsborough Academy becomes the first school outside of Rotherham to join WPT.


The Arran Hill Centre, a specialist secondary SEMH provision, opens.


Rawmarsh Community School becomes the first school to join Wickersley Partnership Trust.


Thrybergh Primary and Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary join Wickersley Partnership Trust.


Clifton Community School joins WPT.


Thrybergh Academy and Foljambe Primary School join the Trust.


The Magna Lane Centre, a specialist primary SEMH provision, opens.


Strategic Priorities

The Wickersley Partnership Trust Strategic Priorities outline the core values of the Trust and can be broken down into five categories:

Leadership Development

  • Stakeholders are ambassadors and understand what it means to be part of the Trust
  • Local governing bodies support schools and hold them to account
  • Directors set the vision, ethos and strategic direction and support to deliver it
  • Leaders support and hold their teams to account for performance
  • Headteachers inspire confidence and have a strong and embedded ethos of collaboration between schools

Active Part of the Community

  • Our employees cultivate and foster strong relationships beyond the schools and MAT
  • We have a strong infrastructure which underpins students’ progress and attainment
  • We use all forms of media to communicate our core vision and celebrate successes
  • We use school facilities/resources to support the wider community
  • We understand and actively reduce our impact on the planet

People Development

  • We have an inclusive and diverse approach to recruitment, retention and development
  • We provide high quality professional development opportunities to all employees
  • We identify talent and have succession plans in place
  • We have developed a strong culture of evidence-based enquiry and practice

Effective Curriculum and Outcomes

  • We aspire to ensure all students leave able and qualified to play their full part in an ever-changing world
  • We develop students by providing rich opportunities for learning, both within and outside the classroom
  • We build on the previous personal best, with year on year improved progress and outcomes for students
  • All of our schools will be in the top 20% of similar schools in terms of performance
  • We use ICFP to plan and deliver an effective, broad and balanced curriculum within funding constraints

Wellness: Students and Staff

  • We have a whole trust approach to mental health and wellbeing where students and staff can thrive
  • Leaders manage their teams, being mindful of individuals’ work-life balance
  • Staff feel that their contributions are recognised, valued and are listened to
  • We make sure all of our students and staff are kept safe and protected from harm
  • All students are respected as individuals and listened to and empowered to work in partnership

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