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System Leadership

At Wickersley Partnership Trust, we understand that getting school leadership right is an important factor in ensuring progress, encouraging positive engagement, and raising aspirations.


We have developed a model of System Leadership that supports the development of the ‘able’ as much as the ‘qualified’. We believe that both are equally important to our students so that they can enter the working world, able and qualified to play their full part in it.


A System Leader is defined as a member of staff who holds a responsibility that is delivered Trust-wide. They’re committed to the success of students in their own school as they are for the students in other WPT schools.

Why System Leadership?

System Leadership promotes the collective sharing of skills, expertise and experience and creates much richer and more sustainable opportunities for rigorous transformation than can ever be provided by schools in isolation. This includes increased:


Siloed ways of leading and managing simply do not work as well in complex school environments.


Encouraging schools to collaborate and share resources is a powerful way to create efficiencies and eliminate duplication whilst supporting staff workload.


Configuring systems and processes around the needs of students, rather than the convenience of schools, opens mechanisms for consultation and co-production. This ensures seamless links between schools, and allows leaders to monitor and enhance performance according to Trust and school aspirations.


By embracing multiple voices and perspectives, Systems Leadership can act as a means for bringing all Leaders into the design and delivery of school improvement. This promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion at WPT.

Where is System Leadership implemented?

The System Leadership model at WPT is implemented in a way that allows leaders, in a variety of roles, to play both an active and explicit role in driving the school improvement strategy across the Trust.

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