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First Aid

First Aid is an area in which most, if not all students will have experiences throughout their lives. Some incidents will be critical, others will be minor. If the young people of today can be taught and take with them some skills of how to act in an emergency situation, lives will be saved.


Our innovative First Aid curriculum, working in partnership with First Aid Schools, aims to develop a continuous and sustainable programme of first aid and mental health first aid across primary and secondary schools, Trust-wide. We aim to deliver subject-specific first aid which is linked to relevant situations students may come across both at school and at home.


To develop a continuous and sustainable programme of first aid and mental health first aid across primary and secondary schools within the Trust.

To develop subject specific first aid which links into relevant situations young people may come across both at school and at home.

To provide young people at Key Stage 5 with a recognised First Aid qualification to take with them into their future career pathway.

Primary First Aid Curriculum

At primary level pupils experience a range of first aid topics which are differentiated according to age and ability. The sessions are an hour in length and provide a basic level of understanding with hands on practical experiences. 


We start in Year 1 with First Aid basics such as how to be safe in a situation, and to learn what a 999 call is. By Year 6, students will be able to recognise and help in a variety of first aid situations including bleeding, fractures, fainting, head injuries, choking, the recovery position and CPR.

Secondary First Aid Curriculum

We place immense value on first aid as life long learning. The essential life skills students will develop can only have a positive effect on the lives and health of people within our schools and communities. We have incorporated practical first aid into several subject areas within our secondary schools, the main one being Physical Education.


The model of delivery across our secondary schools ensures first aid is covered in depth across all year groups as part of their PE lessons. For one lesson per year at Key Stage 3, students undertake topic areas relevant to both their age and abilities including; how to deal with an unconscious person, administering CPR and using an AED as well as treating broken bones and someone who is choking.


At Key Stage 4, two lessons are allocated for students. CPR is revisited and using an AED is applied to different situations, with time given to treating someone who is bleeding and in shock.

Post-16 First Aid Curriculum

Students at Key Stage 5 undertake the Emergency First Aid @ Work qualification (1 day). This qualification equips young people with the skills and knowledge to be a first aider. The qualification lasts for three years, is relevant to all employers, and is another positive addition to an application form, whether in higher education or employment.

Parental First Aid

Parents/carers/family members of our students are given the opportunity to gain an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification. Two days per school per year are arranged for parents to sign up to, with  sessions covering basic first aid and common ailments (asthma, seizures etc). 

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