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NPQ Routes

At Wickersley Partnership Trust (WPT), we firmly believe that our workforce is our strongest asset, and we invest heavily in developing colleagues to be ready for the next step in their careers, for the benefit of all. Our succession planning, use of System Leadership and enhanced professional development offer mean that colleagues are empowered to develop into strong leaders.


We strategically target our aspirant curriculum and pastoral System Leaders for Leadership or Specialist NPQs. NPQs are also offered to staff seeking to develop their domain-specific expertise or as career progression, and are an important part of our staff professional development offer.


Since September 2022, 56 colleagues from across WPT have studied, or are currently studying for an NPQ with our professional development partner Learners First and the Teacher Development Trust. By having a significant number of colleagues undertaking the same NPQ, we are able to create opportunities for professional trust-wide networking and conversations, develop a consistent approach to change management, and encourage staff to work collaboratively through the theory and practice they have undertaken. 


We are delighted to share the following statistics and celebrate the fact that of the colleagues who have taken the final assessment, 100% have successfully achieved their National Professional Qualification. 

Our Commitment to you

At WPT, we’re committed to nurturing talent through a robust approach to workforce development, staff retention, and advancing employees’ careers. Recognising that its success hinges on the skills and dedication of its workforce, WPT has implemented various strategies to cultivate a thriving and loyal team and the NPQ route is a huge part of this initiative. NPQs are accessible to teachers and leaders and the NPQ Behaviour & Culture is available to  associate professional colleagues who work with young people to lead behaviour and safeguarding. Specialist NPQs are available to those who have mastered their craft in the classroom or who are established leaders wanting  to learn more about a specific area of schools. Leadership NPQs, are for those with more whole school experience wishing to consider organisational leadership and management as well as classroom specialist domains.


Specialist NPQs (12 months duration followed by case study assessment)

Leadership NPQs (18 month study followed by case study assessment) 

NPQ Leading Teaching

NPQ Leading Teacher Development

NPQ Leading Behaviour & Culture

NPQ Leading Literacy

NPQ Leading Primary Maths

NPQ Senior Leadership

NPQ Early Years Leadership

NPQ Executive Leadership 

NPQ SENCO (replaces the statutory SEND Award) 


In addition to the direct benefits for individual staff members, WPT’s commitment to NPQs also aligns with its broader goals of school improvement and raising educational standards. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development, WPT creates an environment where colleagues are empowered to innovate, collaborate, and drive positive change within their schools.


NPQs represent a key pillar of WPT’s Workforce Development Strategy, offering colleagues valuable opportunities for growth, advancement, and leadership development within the education sector. By investing in NPQs, WPT demonstrates its commitment to excellence in education and its dedication to supporting the success and well-being of its staff members and students alike.


Our Commitment to our Young People and Each Other

At WPT, we believe that professional learning ‘education empowers and enriches’. Following agreement with relevant school and Trust Leaders, who will support and sponsor colleagues to participate in an NPQ programme, colleagues are encouraged to share your learning with colleagues and support their team, school and the Trust in our collective endeavours to drive school improvement. Undertaking an NPQ is a commitment of time and resource so, as part of our mission to ‘send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it’, we look to the adults to apply the very best evidence led research and mental models into their repertoire and develop the very best practice.



We asked some of the staff who have recently completed their NPQ how they found their journeys, and how it has impacted their skills and careers, and equipped them for the future.


Victoria Allison, System Lead in English at Clifton Community School, said Studying the NPQLT provided me with opportunities to learn new skills, discuss strategies and issues with a wide range of like-minded people, from a wealth of different school-based demographics. Throughout the course, I learned lots and engaged in a number of different discussions, which allowed me to develop further. The sessions provided were of a high quality, well planned and structured to ensure a seamless and relevant correlation between the online modules and face to face meetings. The course has been a great resource in terms of developing my ability to reflect on my current role and to adapt and overcome challenges that may be faced. I strongly feel that the programme has prepared and equipped me for the next step in my career.”


Michael Richards, Head of Science at Rawmarsh Community School, said “Completing my NPQSL has helped me to develop as a leader. I have found the mix of online learning and seminars have supported my understanding of the theory, while the face-to-face sessions have given me the opportunity to apply this to a variety of scenarios in different contexts.  This has given me the tools to effectively implement change within my school.


More about NPQs

If you wish to find out more about the National Professional Qualification (NPQ) please visit the Learners First Website or contact them at info@learnersfirst.org. The NPQ is a DfE and Education Endowment Foundation endorsed qualification designed for teachers and school leaders in England. These qualifications are aimed at developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to lead successful schools and improve teaching standards.


There are various NPQ levels to support both teachers and leaders. Specialist NPQs can help develop classroom teaching or specialisms, and include:


  • Leading teacher development
  • Leading teaching
  • Leading behaviour and culture
  • Leading literacy
  • Leading primary mathematics 


Leadership NPQs help to develop leadership skills or progress a leadership role:


  • Senior leadership 
  • Headship
  • Executive leadership
  • Early years leadership


These qualifications typically involve a combination of face to face and online training, assessments, and practical experience. They are recognised as valuable professional development opportunities for educators and are often sought after by those looking to advance their careers in the education sector in England.


The courses are a combination of evidence based research and case studies which provide participants with the knowledge and skills to improve in their current role or take the next steps in their career. They are locally delivered by expert facilitators from across the region, school domains, context and age ranges. The NPQs are linked to national and international research. The courses are a mixture of face to face sessions, webinars and self-directed online study. 


To apply for an NPQ in October 2024, apply here.

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