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Money Matters

The Money Matters curriculum teaches our students about the financial world they live in. It teaches them the importance of money and explores different financial situations they will meet as both children and adults.


The primary Money Matters curriculum teaches students to understand the value and importance of money. They learn about our money system and how goods and services are paid for. They learn to make financial choices linked to limited budgets and how advertisements influence our spending. They learn about how money is earnt and the importance of budgeting and saving.


At secondary, the Money Matters curriculum teaches students about saving and the cost of borrowing money. They learn about financial aspects linked to employment, including how to understand pay slips, different forms of tax and the importance of pensions. They learn about financial decisions relevant to their interests such as mobile phone contracts and subscriptions. They are taught about financial decision making linked to the costs of car ownership and the financing of higher education study, including student loans. They are taught about financial fraud and the implications of identity theft.

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