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In the Community

At WPT, we value innovation, collaboration, and a strong sense of community – we are one school across many different sites. We believe in nurturing the potential of every student and creating an environment that fosters both personal and academic growth. With a diverse group of schools and academies under our umbrella, we embrace a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise, allowing us to continually learn from one another and offer exceptional educational opportunities.


We aspire to build closer links with our communities, so that we can work together in mutually beneficial partnership. The aim of our Community Engagement strategy is to put WPT and our schools at the heart of the communities that we operate in, in both Rotherham and Gainsborough.


By working closer than ever with our many stakeholders, we can raise the aspirations of our young people so that they leave our care and enter an ever-changing world, able and qualified to play their full part in it.

Our Community Engagement Goals

The aim of our Community Engagement strategy is to put WPT and our schools at the heart of our communities in both Rotherham and Gainsborough. Our vision is to create a vibrant community where every individual is valued, and collaboration is celebrated. By fostering meaningful connections, we aim to inspire positive change and transform our communities, with our schools acting as hubs of opportunity and support.


We’ll do this by:


Building outstanding links with all of our stakeholders – communities, religious groups, sporting groups, businesses and school groups.


Inspiring our young people by providing experiences and networking opportunities.


Furthering WPT’s Pledge and Enrichment initiatives.


Embedding our achievements in our Personal Development, PSHE and British Values lessons.

But of course, we won’t be able to achieve any of this without your help, support, expertise and generosity.


We’ve identified five key community groups who we would love to build and grow links with. These groups are cornerstones of our communities, and by working together we believe we can connect, inspire and transform our communities like never before, whilst also enabling our young people to have high aspirations, with the knowledge needed to grow into confident, connected and independent individuals.


Across our schools, we believe that we provide access to quality education from early childhood to adulthood, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop essential skills and knowledge. WPT wants to help everyone in our communities to have access to education and we will look at working collaboratively to provide the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, for anyone within our community.

How community groups can support us

Our local communities already do a fantastic job of supporting us in many different ways, such as attending our careers fairs, delivering sporting sessions, or offering work experience placements to Year 10 students.


We would like to build on this and have identified key opportunities for the different community groups to support our students by sharing their expertise.


Communities can do this by:

Local Businesses

Providing Work Experience for our Year 10 students. Attending Careers Fairs. Delivering careers assemblies. Delivering taster sessions or workshops. 

Sporting Groups

Delivering sporting sessions. Offering opportunities for talent identification and improving our facilities.

Religious Groups

Supporting our PSHE and RE curriculums. Visiting schools to deliver talks and assemblies. Allowing our students to visit places of worship.

Community Groups

Delivering talks, workshops and assemblies to inform and enhance key community messages. Allowing our students to visit / volunteer. Raising the aspirations of students by completing Pledges.

School Community

Helping to shape the future direction of WPT and our schools by providing regular feedback. Sharing experiences and raising aspirations.

How WPT can support you

WPT aspires to work alongside more groups that are at the heart of our communities; whether that is showcasing your groups or organisations at our school fayres, or working alongside other key stakeholders in our enrichment programs. Working alongside your groups helps us to better understand our communities and their needs. This will always be an evolving relationship. As your needs change, we aim to support you every step of the way.


We understand the importance of accessibility for everyone and we’re keen to make all our programs as inclusive as we can; so, whatever we can do to work together to include everyone.


Working with WPT could help you with:

Talent Identification

Supporting us with work experience / sport clubs etc means you are advertising yourselves to the next generation of talent.

Networking Opportunities

Meeting other local businesses / groups / communities and use our network events to grow your business or group relationships.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Meeting your CSR obligations by investing in the education and life skills of your community.

Training Opportunities

WPT is actively looking at providing training opportunities for local communities, such as first aid, cooking classes, and IT skills.


Appearing at our events and working with us in any way will mean you appear on our social media and newsletter channels. 

Did you know?

WPT employs a Marketing and Communications team who are ready and able to publicise any and all collaborations and partnerships between us and our community stakeholder groups.


We employ 1100 colleagues and have over 7,000 students in our care. Our social media reach is over 63,000 per month!

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