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The WPT Ways

The School Ways

At Wickersley Partnership Trust, we aim to send all of our students into an ever-changing world, able and qualified to play their full part in it. This means that we want all of our students to start their lives equipped with not only the qualifications, but also the skills and attributes that they will need in order to deal with the challenges of life beyond their time at school.


For that reason, we say and do things in a certain way in our Trust schools, referred to as ‘The School Way.’ Each ‘School Way’ promotes the skills, attributes and key Trust principles our students need in order to develop their independence, responsibility and resilience to have a happy and successful life. It defines who we are and what we stand for at WPT.


The Ways are designed with students in mind and outline the core values each individual school feels is central to student success. All staff and students within each school live and breathe the School Way to encourage students to:


  • Make the right decisions
  • Take personal responsibility for their choices
  • Take pride in their achievements
  • Never give less than their best
  • Dream big

The School Ways develop a culture of high challenge and low fear across all our schools and deliver a foundation for all our students across WPT to Learn, Believe and Succeed together.

The Subject Ways

All of our subjects have a ‘Subject Way’ at the heart of them. Our Subject Way is designed to help students become young subject specialists. The Subject Ways have two main purposes:


  • To teach students the vital skills they need to achieve their full potential and gain the very best grades they can
  • To teach students how each subject relates to the wider world, incorporating the life skills they will learn


It is our belief that knowing how what you learn links to the wider world, brings a subject to life and therefore improves overall understanding and engagement.

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