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The students access the Magna Lane experience, a curriculum which is bespoke in manner, removing the formality experienced in mainstream school. Barriers to their learning are addressed in order for them to gradually reintegrate back into their mainstream school. The students attending access a differentiated and appropriate curriculum which meets their individual learning requirements. There is a commitment to providing core learning in reading, writing and Maths through a creative, stimulating and imaginative approach. This core curriculum follows the National Curriculum in intent but is delivered in a bespoke manner. Core learning is centred around quality texts, promoting language and vocabulary development. All children attending the centre are provided with the opportunity to respond and revisit aspects of these texts through a broad range of creative contexts. 


The ethos of high expectations within a caring and bespoke provision forms the cornerstone of this setting. As the students begin their time at Magna Lane, their curriculum is delivered in a child-led manner, skillfully following the interests of the student. For many this is play and investigation-centered, with the core curriculum developing in response to their individual needs. This provides a safe, challenging, stimulating environment which is sensitive to the needs of the student. It provides opportunities for children to learn through planned, purposeful play contexts, as well as more formal learning contexts, in all areas of the curriculum. Staff support the students to make progress through careful assessment of their individual needs, helping each student to progress in formal learning. Daily, weekly and half-termly planning meets the individual needs of children being supported. Much of the learning is therapeutic in nature and is individually responsive in order to remove the barriers preventing the children from reaching their potential in a mainstream setting. The students initiate their own learning and the adults support and guide them to extend the learning opportunities. Throughout the placement we assess and review the progress of all the children. We introduce teaching of specific skills as and when appropriate to individual children and groups of children. When children attend for therapeutic support during core learning time, if appropriate, the home school provides learning which is then delivered by staff in the centre. This ensures there are no learning gaps for these children. Foundation subjects are delivered in a holistic manner through the story book contexts and in response to the interests of the children. 

Sequential and Progressive Curriculum

The sequential nature of the curriculum is different to that established in home schools because for many children, the formality of subject delivery is their main barrier to learning. The curriculum offer is stepped in a different way, allowing for key barriers to accessing the sequential curriculum in the home school to be reduced. Any attempt to implement a replication of the formality required for the implementation of the Trust sequential curriculum has the risk of becoming yet another failure for these children.


The principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need (physiological, safety, love & belonging, esteem and self actualization) are taken into account when planning our curriculum. Our curriculum is flexible and has the following aims.

Developing Security and Trust

  • Engaging with the learning space
  • Engaging with adults
  • Understanding their place within the space
  • Engaging with other children within the space
  • Following own play in the space
  • Accepting learning / activity support and engagement from others
  • Following own learning in the learning space
  • Accessing adult focused activities
  • Engaging in targeted therapeutic support
  • Engaging in targeted learning support

Learning Zones

  • Music
  • Art
  • Atelier
  • Sand and Water Tactile
  • Science Investigation
  • Design Workshop Construction
  • Outdoor Physical Play
  • Cooperative Games
  • Block Play & Den Building
  • Small World Resource Area
  • Vehicle Play
  • Reading Area (with puppets)
  • Foundation Subject Exploration & Investigation Area
  • Role Play Area (imaginative play)
  • Literacy, Phonics and Maths opportunities

As the majority of the children attend part time, they still have access to core learning and their home school’s wider curriculum, visits and special events.


Reintegration back to the home school is always the aim for the children who attend Magna Lane. This reintegration process is carefully planned with the home schools and any other agencies involved. The process may begin with a child taking part in playtime / PE / Assembly / parts of lessons etc. within Foljambe. This would be supported by staff from the SEMH. There is always a period of transition where SEMH staff will continue to work with home schools and visit the children back in their settings.


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