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Success Stories

Student A

Year 8

My child has been at Arran Hill since November and I cannot believe the difference it has made to their life and mine.

They have experienced considerable trauma as well as being diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Attachment Disorder – they were on the verge of permanent exclusion from school because of their wide-ranging and challenging behaviour.

When I first visited Arran Hill and met with the staff, I was somewhat worried about the kind of unit/placement this was and how the staff would respond to my child’s issues.

I need not have worried at all – all of the staff are amazing and I cannot thank them enough for the continued effort they put in to respond to my child appropriately.

I don’t doubt that my child has been way more comfortable at Arran Hill than at any
other school and they always say “they just get me.”

On many occasions my child has left school happy and smiling as opposed to their usual crying, ranting, shouting and agitated behaviours.

Their behaviour and attitude has improved at home and I believe that this is a direct result of them feeling accepted and understood at Arran Hill.

My only sadness is that my child cannot stay at Arran Hill forever and at some point – when a suitable placement is found – they will transition elsewhere.

I am and always will be eternally grateful that my child was given the opportunity to attend Arran Hill – there should be more units like this in the country to support our most emotionally vulnerable children.

– Student A’s Mum

Student B

Year 10

I strongly believe that without the amazing work of Arran Hill, my child would not be making the progress we are seeing recently.


My child came to the Arran Hill Centre as a frightened, nervous and very anxious young person who had experienced bullying and belittlement throughout their junior school years.


My child went to their last school feeling hopeful that things would be better, which it seemed to be for a short time.


We discovered that they have a condition called FAPS (Functioning Abdominal Pain Syndrome) which means if they experience prolonged panic attacks or anxiety, it would lead to a pain reaction that can take a week or more to control – we have been to numerous health professionals, pain therapists and they attend CAMHS.


Triggered by the issues they dealt with on a daily basis, it created a mental health problem, which my child battles every day. Because of this, they have missed valuable school time and the anxiety grew around facing the people that made their life even harder to deal with.


School informed us of the Arran Hill Centre and when we met the team, it felt like the first ray of hope in such a long time.


Before, my child found it almost impossible to leave the house, to leave my side or to trust anyone within the school environment but with the care and patience of the staff at Arran Hill, they won my child over and the support and understanding has blown us away.


My child has recently taken a few big steps forward: they left the house for a walk without me by their side, they attended Arran Hill for full days rather than a few hours without me sat in the next room, they have less panic attacks throughout the night and as a result are sleeping better.


Family life has improved as we aren’t so worried all of the time – things are looking much brighter!


This is the only setting from which my child would be able to gain an education and they’re building confidence, strength and resilience each time they go to the centre – it’s been very slow steps but all in the right direction.

– Student B’s Mum

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