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The core subject curriculum for English, Maths and Science follows the National Curriculum for
England and is bespoke for the children’s needs and differentiated to allow all children to be able to access it.


The foundation subject curriculum is a bespoke curriculum created by Wickersley Partnership
Trust, developed to ensure our students access a spiral curriculum which has equality at its centre, and gives them essential skills as lifelong learners, ensuring the curriculum is sequential and progressive. The students accessing the secondary SEMH provision experience a curriculum which is bespoke in manner, removing the formality experienced in mainstream school. Barriers to their learning are addressed in order for them to gradually reintegrate back into their mainstream placement.


The ethos of high expectations within a caring and nurturing provision is the cornerstone of this setting. This provides a safe, challenging, stimulating environment which is sensitive to the needs of the student. Staff support the students to make progress through careful assessment of their individual needs, helping each student to progress in formal learning.


Much of the learning is therapeutic in nature and is individually responsive in order to remove the barriers preventing the children from reaching their potential in a mainstream setting. The students initiate their own learning and the adults support and guide them to extend the learning opportunities. We have also adopted the ‘can do statements’ linking to SEMH, which identifies the next steps for each student. Throughout the 12 week placement, we plan, assess and review the progress of all the children and ensure that regular meetings are held with each student’s home school and their parents and carers.


The curriculum is underpinned by the National Curriculum based on Key Stage 3 & 4.


We aim for all children to engage in learning and focus on the following subjects:

This curriculum offer is unique as it is child led and we ensure that it is creative and flexible as it provides for a variety of needs. Opportunities for children to follow interests within the curriculum are maximised and encouraged. This allows children to be inquisitive and to learn in a range of ways.

Wider Curriculum Offer

  • Art Therapy
  • Food Therapy
  • Lego Therapy
  • Hand Massage
  • Social Skills
  • Literacy Intervention
  • Numeracy Intervention
  • Emotion Coaching & Anger Gremlins
  • Horse Riding & Equine Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Cody Conditioning
  • Activities in the Natural Environment – OAA

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