With Me In Mind

With Me in Mind is the name of one of the national Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) and there are teams based in both Doncaster and Rotherham. Our service was identified following the release of the Government Green Paper (2017), “Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health” in which there was a focus on earlier intervention and prevention, especially in, and linked to schools and colleges. One of the core proposals from the paper was to fund new Mental Health Support Teams, which are predominantly being supervised by NHS Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services as well as local charity/private services.

We are committed to ensuring that the Mental Health Support Teams reach those most in need of the support; presently we are a working in selected educational settings across Doncaster and Rotherham. Part of this initiative also offers support to those students not in mainstream education and includes working in some Doncaster Special Education Schools, Doncaster Home Educated Pupils and to pupils attending certain Pupil Referral Units in Rotherham.

Our Service

Our team are made up of a wide variety of staff with different professional backgrounds. This includes; Mental Health Nurses, Social workers, Interpersonal Psychotherapists, Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist and Educational Mental Health Practitioners.

Our team help to enhance the support already in place from school but, we also provide direct consultations with educational settings if there are concerns relating to the emotional and mental wellbeing of a young person. This may then result in;

  • Advice being offered around how the educational setting can support the
    young person
  • Signposting to other services
  • For some children/young people, direct therapeutic interventions for those
    experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties

We may also offer group work, assemblies, corridor workshops, or parental support/education. We also aim to support education staff in embedding the whole school approach to emotional and mental health through positive working relationships, education, training, advice and support.

Supporting children, young people and their families

Where appropriate, we will work in collaboration with Schools Nurses, Educational Psychologists and any other agency that may be supporting children/young people.

We can also help children and young people with more severe needs to access the right support and provide a link to specialist NHS services.

The teams are based in certain Rotherham and Doncaster educational establishments. This includes; Schools, Colleges, Special Education schools, Pupil Referral Units and for Home School pupils, in the community. The main aim of the service is to support children, young people and their families with their emotional and mental wellbeing.

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