Trips and Residentials

Safely managed educational visits with a clear purpose are an indispensable part of a broad and balanced curriculum. They are an opportunity to extend the learning of all pupils, including enrichment of their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them. They can be a catalyst for improved personal performance, promote a lifetime interest and in some cases lead to professional fulfilment. Educational visits are to be encouraged. At Wickersley Partnership Trust we strongly believe that educational visits are a vital part of our children’s learning. 

Wickersley Partnership Trust recognises its duty of care and statutory responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of pupils, staff, volunteers, providers and members of the public in connection with educational visits for which it is accountable.   
All visits will have a clear, recorded educational purpose and will be planned sufficiently well in advance in accordance with good practice and effective planning procedures expected by Rotherham Borough Council.
All visits will be thoroughly thought out, and there will be an online risk assessment completed.   
There will be a named and approved Visit Leader and the necessary number of supervising staff on every school visit. The Visit Leader will be specifically competent for the role and will attend training to update skills where possible. 
Working with the EVC as necessary, the Visit Leader will be responsible for all aspects of the planning, risk assessment and organisation of the visit. The Visit Leader will assume full responsibility during the visit, including ongoing risk assessment.
The Visit Leader will ensure when purchasing goods and services that appropriate checks are made and that insurance and financial procedures have been followed.  
Details of any residential visits at home or abroad or day visits involving activities of a hazardous nature will be submitted to the LA via the electronic submission system for endorsement well in advance of the departure date. 
Although WPT policy for educational visits focuses on the management of health, safety and welfare, educational visits are an integral part of the strategy for learning and the curriculum plan. 
The policy is therefore linked to complementary policies concerned with such issues as equality of opportunity, special educational needs, inclusion and staff development. 

Recent Residentials

Rawmarsh Community School

April 2019

45 Y8 & Y9 students enjoyed a fun-filled brilliant few days at Condover Hall in Shropshire.

They climbed the Gladiator wall, completed a Lazer maze, competed in an orienteering quest, learnt new choreography in Dance Mania and so much more.

Wickersley School & Sports College

October 2019

58 students from years 10, 11, 12 and 13 visited the British Army at the Strensall Barracks in Yorkshire. The students experienced life in the Army stopping for two nights in the barracks and getting to meet dozens of different Army personnel.

The students took part in team building command tasks plus many different physical and mental challenges. They had the opportunity to work with the Black Rats, under the command of Major Humphries from HQ at Catterick.

Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School

May 2019

Year 6 students visited Scarborough and stayed over for 4 nights. They did lots of fun activities such as rock-pooling and bowling, and visited places such as the RNLI station in Scarborough, Scarborough Castle and Whitby Abbey.

There was of course lots of time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of our east coast!