Every school in WPT has its own positive praise and reward systems that promote excellence in all aspects of school life from academic achievement, the characteristics of effective learning and becoming a well-rounded citizen.

The success of all students is celebrated regardless of their individual starting points.

It cannot be overstated that the best way to ensure the highest standards in both behaviour and work is to create a positive ethos where the self-confidence and self-esteem of pupils is promoted by regular praise, congratulation and affirmation.

A school culture which is dominated by mutual respect between pupils and between staff and pupils will lead not only to harmonious relationships but also to the fulfilment of the pupils’ academic and social goals.

Postcards, phone calls and text messages are seen as a positive and discrete ways to praise students for their work and conduct.

All schools hold annual award events to celebrate a range of important school matters including; high attainment, consecutive year on year 100% attendance, significant effort ‘above & beyond’, the ‘School Way’, overcoming significant barriers, a contribution to sport, the Head Teacher’s Award and the Best in Trust attainment awards.

In addition, our Secondary schools celebrate sporting achievement and excellence at their annual Sports Award Evenings.