Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education is a compulsory part of the curriculum in the Trust’s Primary and Secondary schools. It is vital that students learn to live their lives in a positive way and are able to:

  • grow up safe and healthy (both off and on line)
  • manage their personal, social and academic lives

The RSE curriculum in WPT schools is taught in a developmental and flexible way that meets the individual needs of students. It is always delivered in a sensitive and inclusive manner.  The views of Parents/Carers are always taken into consideration.

In our Primary schools the key focus is on:


the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships


family and friendships, in all contexts, including online


the essential understanding of how to be healthy

Our Secondary schools, build on the knowledge acquired at primary and develop further knowledge on:


the understanding of health


risk areas, such as drugs and alcohol


introducing knowledge about intimate relationships and sex


personal finance and future career paths

The teaching about positive mental wellbeing is central to the RSE curriculum, as all Parents/Carers want their children to grow up happy, successful and productive members of society.

Our RSE curriculum gives students the knowledge and capability to take care of themselves and receive support should problems arise.

All WPT schools foster the development of resilience in their students and build complementary character traits such as thoughtfulness, integrity, generosity of spirit and honesty.