At Wickersley Partnership Trust we believe that we should send our students out into the world able and qualified and with basic life skills that will last a lifetime. The Pledges encourage students to engage and take part in experiences which will help them to understand the world around them and be able to play a positive role in their community and beyond.

 The School Pledges are an acknowledgement and celebration of personal achievement and accomplishment during a student’s time with WPT.  There are three Pledge categories which are designed to make students more resilient, independent, confident and determined, ready for an ever-changing world:

Our WPT Pledges are a commitment between staff and students that empower us all to learn together, believe together and succeed together.  The three pledges are:

  • Active Citizenship
  • Life Skills
  • British Values / Cultural Experiences

As a Trust, our pledges encapsulate all aspects of the School Ways and provide our students with an array of opportunities to develop as individuals.  As such, they are at the heart of every Trust school.  For each of the three pledges, we have developed a hierarchy of challenges.  These bronze, silver and gold accolades inspire our students to push themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve things that they may have previously believed out of their reach, within school and beyond.