Extra Curricular

We all know that the experiences we have in school stay with us forever, so it is important that those school experiences are positive and provide us with a strong foundation for life. 

Taking part in an extracurricular activity at school profoundly enhances the experience that children have of school.  Some of the greatest memories of school days in fact often stem from what young people do outside the classroom.  Participation in clubs enables young like-minded people to forge friendships that can last.  It is also proven that taking part in extracurricular activities broadens horizons and builds aspirations as young people learn about aiming for goals, and achieving them. In addition, young people will develop key personal skills and qualities such as resilience, determination, team building and confidence.  Improving these invaluable skills can ultimately lead to greater success in life. 

At WPT, it is our aim that all students access high quality and varied extracurricular opportunities.  That is why we are providing the most ambitious, varied programme we have ever offered, and why we expect that all students engage with at least one club over the coming year so that they can all reap the rewards.