At Wickersley Partnership Trust, we believe that:

Overall attendance in all Academies to be above national average and in the top 20% of schools nationally and that persistent absence will be below national average in all schools - this is a ‘Big 5’ performance priority for the Trust.

Attending school on a regular, punctual basis is one of the most important ways of making sure students get off to the best possible start in life. The schools that form the Wickersley Partnership Trust are committed to promoting good attendance and punctuality as they know that it is essential for children to achieve their potential.

We know that regular and sustained attendance helps students;

  • Build friendships
  • Develop life skills
  • Engage fully in learning
  • Boost attainment and progress ie; maximise achievement

WPT promotes good and better attendance through a combination of robust attendance procedures and the celebration of the high attendance of students on a regular basis in our schools. This includes; assemblies, certificates, web postings, newsletters, 100% attendance badges, prizes and end of year awards ceremonies.

Whilst WPT encourages positive attendance, it also recognises that there will be occasions where it needs to deploy strong procedures for those students who don’t attend regularly.  These include letters, meetings, School and Trust-based attendance panels and unfortunately the issuing of a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’ (fine) for poor attendance.

Each WPT school has a key member of staff who has the responsibility to monitor, improve and evaluate school attendance.

All stakeholders have an important role to play in supporting students to promote and encourage good attendance.

The Aims and Principles of Good Attendance


  • Ensure students are positively engaged with the school and attend every day and on time.
  • Ensure the student arrives well prepared for the school day.
  • Inform key adults in school should an issue/problem require urgent attention.
  • Inform school regarding forthcoming leave of absence request and/or appointments.
  • No holidays in term time.


  • Promote and encourage good attendance
  • School will record attendance and punctuality accurately
  • Contact parents/carers regarding absence
  • Keep all parents/carers well informed regarding their child’s attendance
  • Take prompt action should issues arise
  • Liaise with a range of agencies
  • First-day absence contact and welfare calls
  • Whole school, year group and key cohorts data is collected, analysed and monitored and respond to any areas of concern


  • Attend every day
  • Arrive on time and be ready to learn
  • Wear full school uniform and be equipped
  • Know your own attendance and its impact on your attainment
We create weekly updates for attendance across the Trust.
We celebrate attendance.

Based on individual circumstances and the context, schools implement a four point graduated response to poor attendance following the LA ‘Attendance Matters Pathways’. This involves; communication of poor attendance via letters home, the offer of Early Help, parenting support, face to face meetings with key members of pastoral staff in school recorded in the ‘signs of safety’ format, monitoring and regular review meetings, attendance panels (supported by Governors) and as a last resort schools follow the Fixed Penalty Notice Pathway.

WPT Attendance policy.