PE & School Sports Partnership


Daily PE Challenges

Our PE team here at Wickersley Partnership Trust have created a series of challenges to keep your child(ren) active during lockdown. 

Complete the challenge each day and let your school know how you get on by leaving a comment or sending a photo to their social media page! 

Keep learning, stay active and have fun!

Monday 8th February

The Tuck and Roll Challenge: Can you do all three?

Tuesday 9th February

The Stork Balance Challenge: How long can you balance?

Wednesday 10th February

The Speed Bounce Challenge: How many times can you do it in 30 seconds?

Thursday 11th February

The Plank Challenge (with ball): Can you complete all three challenges?

Friday 12th February

The Throw, Clap, Catch Challenge: How many times can you clap before catching the ball?