Great music education is a partnership between classroom teachers, specialist teachers, professional performers and a host of other organisations, including those from the arts, charity and voluntary sectors. Most children will have their first experience of music at school. It is important that music education of high quality is available to as many of them as possible: it must not become the preserve of those children whose families can afford to pay for music tuition. While music touches the lives of all young people, the disadvantaged can benefit most. Music helps bind pupils into the wider life of the school. Schools cannot do everything alone: they need the support of a wider local music structure.

At Wickersley Partnership Trust, we recognise the important role that music plays in children’s academic and social development and in improving the ethos of the school.


The value of music as an academic subject lies in its contribution to enjoyment and enrichment, for its social benefits, for those who engage in music seriously as well as for fun. High quality music education enables lifelong participation in, and enjoyment of, music, as well as underpinning excellence and professionalism for those who choose not to pursue a career in music.

Our vision is to enable children from all backgrounds and every part of England to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument; to make music with others; to learn to sing; and to have the opportunity to progress to the next level of excellence. Music teaching starts in the early years, and we want the vision to extend across all five to eighteen year-olds, both in and out of school, in both formal and informal settings.

Provision Details

WPT Music SLA will provide a flexible template for high quality music provision throughout a pupil’s education. It aims for equality of opportunity for all pupils, regardless of race; gender; where they live; their levels of musical talent; parental income; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities; and whether they are looked after children.

Through WPT Music, every child should be able to experience enjoyment and success from the earliest stages of musical learning. Class teachers and specialist instrumental teachers working together will be able to offer well-planned progressive experiences with high expectations. These will enable all pupils to succeed, including those who do not have the encouragement or support from their parents/carers, or who need additional support for other reasons.

WPT Music SLA provision will augment and support music teaching in schools so that more children experience a combination of classroom teaching, instrumental and vocal tuition and input from professional musicians