Referral Process

Magna Lane Centre forms part of the mainstream schools graduated response in meeting the needs of all the children. The majority of the children will be on the  SEND pathway within their home school.  Schools refer when they feel the mainstream environment is becoming overwhelming and children are becoming increasingly anxious and dysregulated. As a result the  child may be at risk of becoming  a school refuser, being socially isolated and in some cases at risk of exclusion.  In  some cases school’s may refer children  as part of a quick response to a traumatic event that they may have experienced. 

Students that can be referred for consideration may have experienced one or more of the following:

Referral Process

Discussions around potential candidates to be referred will take place at school level. 

Contact Lisa Stones ( or Jane Denyer (  to discuss any possible referrals.

If a place is available and the referral is deemed appropriate,  the child and parent would be invited for a look around. Staff from the centre would also visit the home school.  The home school will provide the following information  before a start date is given: