Uniform Bank

At a time when a lot of families are tightening their belts, we’re aware that many could benefit from a little extra support when it comes to buying school uniforms and other essentials – such as coats and PE kits – that children need for school. That’s why we’ve created a Trust-wide Uniform Bank of good quality, new and used items – providing a sustainable way to recycle and repurpose school uniforms.

This scheme also gives families – who have unwanted uniforms and items – the opportunity to make a difference to other children and help the environment by donating items and ultimately reducing the amount of waste that ends up in bins and landfill.

The bank will be located centrally at WPT’s Headquarters – where gathered items will be laundered, catalogued and stored – and families will be able to access it completely free of charge through the school and Trust website, where they can place item requests.

Items include:

  • School jumpers
  • Polo shirts
  • Trousers
  • School approved trousers (secondary)
  • School approved skirts
  • Ties
  • Gingham dresses
  • Coats
  • PE kits
  • Bags

The items will then be made collectable from school. However, due to our commitment to ensure that every family can easily access the bank – and do so without any stigma – we will also run community collection points and deliver items when necessary.

Collection drives and requests

Of course none of this would be possible without the help of our Trust communities and families – here’s where we’re asking for support.

Easily accessible collection bins will open at each of our schools during the last week of each term.

During the week, families will be able to bring or send items into school and simply place them into the bins – we’ll take care of the rest! Families who are physically unable to get donations to school can let us know on operations@wickersleypt.org and we can arrange to collect them.

Items that we are unable to make use of will be passed on to charities for their use.

Families are welcome to make requests of the Uniform Bank at any time in the year (including during the school holidays). However, each time we complete a collection drive, after we have sorted, laundered and catalogued the items collected, we will contact all families to remind them that the Uniform Bank is stocked and ready for requests.


For any enquiries about the Uniform Bank, please contact operations@wickersleypt.org.