WPT is a dynamic, forward thinking and outward facing organisation. We are looking for like minded, child-centered educators who share our vision and values and have a strong commitment to furthering the interests of all the young people we serve. Education must empower and enrich and the schools that make up the Trust see sufficient on-going learning given the age and ability of every young person on their roll as the primary objective. In order to achieve this all our staff are fully supportive of one another. 
A Trust is only as successful as its workforce. We believe in investing in all our staff through succession planning, career progression and ongoing continuous professional development.
WPT is committed to developing our workforce in ways which:


Distribute leadership throughout the schools


Utilise the strengths of individual employees and enable them to contribute to their maximum potential


Empower employees to identify their own strengths and weaknesses


Provide continuing professional development opportunities which enable all employees to progress and build effective leadership capacity throughout the Trust