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Thrybergh Primary School Achieve ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Thrybergh Primary School has been Ofsted rated ‘Good’, which is a positive step from the previous rating of ‘Requires Improvement’.

A huge thank you to all of the students for following the Thrybergh Primary Way particularly, ‘We believe in ourselves!’ and ‘We are proud of our talents and achievements’. 

The ‘Good’ rating recognises the dedication of the staff team in continuously improving the learning environment for students to learn and grow. The report states that the school ‘is a welcoming place’ and that ‘pupils are happy and safe in school’. 

Since the last Ofsted inspection, the school has made improvements to the wider curriculum. From Foundation Stage to Year 6, the Leadership Team ensures that the knowledge and skills we want all students to learn are ‘clearly identified’. The use of assessments to identify gaps in knowledge has been praised due to our teachers’ ability to ‘successfully adapt lessons to address what pupils need to revisit and learn next’. 

The Headteacher and Leadership Team also have high expectations of students’ learning and behaviour, and are determined to ensure that all students receive the highest quality of education. Leaders also ‘support staff development and wellbeing’ – encouraging collaborative working and providing training to help staff workloads, and ultimately improve the school and the learning culture.

One of the standout qualities of Thrybergh Primary School is that they give students opportunities to learn about the world around them through a range of activities and visits. They are ‘committed to ensuring that pupils access a range of experiences to develop their character. These are carefully designed to support pupils to become active and well rounded citizens. These activities help pupils with their confidence and resilience’. 

Because of the positive approach to behaviour,  students were recognised as being well-behaved in lessons and around school, with the report stating that they are ‘encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, to reflect and to identify how they can make better choices’. 

The school’s reading curriculum has been praised and is listed as something that they prioritise – creating a positive reading and learning experience for all students.

Another praise point was that the students are able to take on different leadership roles within school such as School Council and Eco Council. ‘Pupils take these are always taken seriously and know that they can have a positive impact on others’.

The support the school provides to SEND students is described as ‘effective’. They offer tailored support – using practical resources and extra teaching sessions to help these students and their peers learn. 

The ‘Good’ rating is truly a testament to all the hard work put into the school to improve the grading from the previous inspection and is a success for the local community too.

Robyn Parry-McDermott, Headteacher at Thrybergh Primary School, said: “I am extremely proud of our staff, students, and the wider community at Thrybergh Primary School. Everyone has played their part in improving our school over the last few years and it has paid dividends. 

“It’s wonderful to see that our fantastic curriculum and teaching has been recognised by Ofsted. I can’t wait to continue onto the next stage of our WPT and Thrybergh Primary School journey.”

Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Wickersley Partnership Trust, said: “Myself and the Wickersley Partnership Trust community are incredibly proud of the improvements Thrybergh Primary School has made over the last few years. It’s fantastic to see our staff and students be recognised for the fantastic work they do day in day out. 

“The whole school community should be proud of this achievement. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future.”

To read the full report, click here.