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Rawmarsh Sandhill Rated ‘Good’!

Following their recent Ofsted inspection, we’re incredibly proud to announce that Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School has been rated as ‘Good’. This achievement couldn’t have been realised without the support of our colleagues at Sandhill, all students and families, and the wider Rawmarsh community. A huge thank you to all of you for following the Sandhill Way and ‘believing in yourselves’!

The ‘Good’ rating recognises the dedication of our colleagues to continuously improve the learning environment for Sandhill students to learn and grow, and states that ‘this is a welcoming and inclusive school. Leaders and staff hold pupils at the centre of everything they do. Pupils work well together and feel safe and happy.’ The Headteacher and Leadership Team are determined and driven to ensure that all the students receive the highest quality education, and this has transformed the school and the environment the children learn in.

The students at Sandhill have been described as ‘polite and respectful’, as they ‘learn to take responsibility for their own actions’. The school has ‘clear routines’ which has enabled the children to learn self-control, leading to a calm environment around the school. Bullying is rare at the school, but if it does occur it is dealt with effectively.

Since the last inspection, Leadership has transformed the school with a well-organised and ambitious curriculum, which has been carefully considered and is ‘fit for purpose’. It was recognised that the curriculum is adapted to provide wider cultural experiences to meet the context of the students in the school, and ensure that difference is understood.

Sandhill students are able to take on different leadership roles within the school, including school council members. This is instrumental in building confidence in students. Leadership also ensures that students’ experiences go beyond lived experiences, to help the students understand how their learning links to preparing them for the future.

The ‘Good’ rating is truly a testament to all the hard work put into the school to improve the grading from 2016, and the previous inspection in 2019, and is a success for the local community too.

Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Wickersley Partnership Trust said, “As a Trust, we are really proud of the journey Rawmarsh Sandhill has been on over the last few years. It is fantastic to see pupils speaking positively about their education, and for them to be recognised for being polite, respectful and for following the Sandhill Way.

“The whole school community should be incredibly proud of the school’s achievements, and I look forward to continuing this journey with Sandhill’s new Headteacher.”

Mark Roddison, previous Headteacher at the time of inspection said, “It’s been fantastic to be part of the school’s journey as part of WPT. The pupils and parents can rightly be proud of the fantastic staff and curriculum we offer, and everyone deserves a huge amount of praise for the work we have all done.’

Emma Leighton, Headteacher at Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School said, “I look forward to taking Rawmarsh Sandhill onto the next stage of its journey with the OFSTED inspection recognising the good position the school is in.”