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Water Safety at Arran Hill

Sam’s Army Mission is a water safety charity that is dedicated to saving lives and promoting water safety awareness. Recently, they held group assemblies at Arran Hill in order to educate students about the dangers of water and how to stay safe in and around it. Simon Haycock, a representative from Sam’s Army Mission, came to the school to speak to students about the importance of water safety. He talked about the dangers of swimming in open water, and how his son, Sam tragically died at Ulley Reservoir.

The assembly was a great success, and the students were engaged and interested throughout. They asked lots of questions and were eager to learn more about how to stay safe in and around water. However, the message of water safety is not just limited to the students at Arran Hill. As parents, it is important to teach children about the dangers of water and how to stay safe. This includes making sure they always wear a life jacket when boating or participating in other water activities, teaching them how to swim, and emphasising the importance of never swimming alone or without adult supervision.
By working together and promoting water safety awareness, we can help prevent drowning incidents and keep our communities safe. So please, take the time to talk to your children about water safety, and help spread the message of Sam’s Army Mission.