Arran Hill Go Horse Riding

Arran Hill Go Horse Riding

🐎Our students have the opportunity to attend weekly horse riding lessons at Lilly Lodge. This is part of a therapy intervention where the students learn stable management and the skills for horse riding. The students have built wonderful relationships with the horses and staff at the stables. 
Cooking Up A Storm At Arran Hill

Cooking Up A Storm At Arran Hill

Students at Arran Hill engage in weekly cooking sessions as part of the curriculum, but also as a therapeutic intervention. These sessions take place in our purpose built kitchen to support students with the KS3 curriculum and emotional based needs.
They have recently enjoyed making pizza dough, victoria sponge cakes, cookies and apple pies. Alongside practical lessons, they also attend theory sessions to learn the basic knowledge and objectives of food and nutrition. 🍕
Science at Arran Hill

Science at Arran Hill

At the Arran Hill Centre, students have had the opportunity to take part in hands-on, practical science investigations and activities.

Y8 students have been studying breathing and respiration and have used their knowledge of the respiratory system to create model lungs.

They also used their working scientifically skills to investigate how yeast respires and what conditions increase fermentation.

They collected data and used this to form their conclusion about which water temperature creates optimum fermentation.

We are really proud of their learning and progress! 🤩

Learning New Skills At Arran Hill

Learning New Skills At Arran Hill

At the Arran Hill Centre, the children have been taking part in a range of interventions where they have been learning new skills which include: how to cook independently, box through talk (body conditioning), music lessons, active revision for students and creating/designing projects in DT.

All students have worked extremely hard and continue to make us all very proud of their work. 

WPT Newsletter - February 2023

WPT Newsletter - February 2023

Welcome to the next installment of the WPT newsletter for the 22/23 academic year.

It’s been a busy half term, with lots of new and exciting things happening across the trust. This newsletter will showcase just a some of the things that we’ve been getting up to over the last few weeks.

On behalf of Wickersley Partnership Trust, we hope you all have a great half term!

Scaling New Heights at the WPT Climbing Competition 2023

Scaling New Heights at the WPT Climbing Competition 2023

Last week, students from Wickersley School & Sports College, Rawmarsh Community School, Thrybergh Academy and Clifton Community School went head-to-head at the WPT Secondary Schools Climbing Competition 2023.

The competition took place at Thrybergh Academy’s bouldering room, which has a large section of climbing wall with different angles and an additional speed climb wall.

Eight students from each school were selected to form a KS3 team and a KS4 team and represent their school at the competition, which predominantly took the form of a bouldering competition, a low unroped climbing challenge and above safety matting.

The participants had 12 marked climbing challenges of different difficulty levels to attempt, which were set out and marshalled by the WPT Sports Coordinators.

The aim was to complete the trials in the least number of attempts – the fewer tries, the more points earned for their team. 

There were more bonus points up for grabs too with an additional roped speed climb challenge – whoever completed it in the fastest time won.

David Bloor, WPT Outdoor Education Coordinator, said: “It is felt that this style of climbing competition is best as it increases competitor participation. The competition is designed to allow us for as much competitor participation as possible. It is very much supposed to be about fun and raising the profile of climbing as a sport for students with little or no climbing experience or specialist gear.”

It was run in an open competition format, allowing students to try any climb they wanted, in any order they wanted for their team. They took no time getting into the competitive spirit racing up the walls to see who could get the quickest time in the least number of attempts. 

Mr Fisher, PE Teacher at Clifton Community School, said: “I went over to see what was going on and to say it was rewarding is an understatement. They were all having the best time! Seeing the application, teamwork and enjoyment that was going on was definitely the best result.”

With the competition so fierce, the WPT Sports Team were asked to score and judge the climbing challenges but ultimately, only one team could take the top spot for the Year Group challenges. 

A huge well done to Team Wickersley who won the KS2 round, and to Team Rawmarsh who won the KS4 round. 

All students who took part were really excited to represent their school and should all be very proud of their participation and upholding their School Ways – we hope to see the same level of enthusiasm and excitement next year!

Competition Leaderboard and Winners: 

Bouldering Competition

KS3 Girls    

1st Lillie Hollingsworth – TA     

2nd Cierra Thompson – CCS     

3rd Ellen Henry – WSSC

KS3 Boys

1st Louis Johnson – WSSC

2nd Alfie Manwaring – TA 

3rd Matthew Mangham – WSSC         

KS4 Boys    

1st Brogan Ellis – RCS     

2nd Tommy Eccles   – RCS

3rd Luke Fox – CCS                                             

Speed Climbing Competition


1st Matthew Mangham – WSSC

2nd Cierra Thompson – CCS

3rd Ellen Henry – WSSC


1st Tommy Eccles – RCS

2nd Luke Fox – CCS

3rd Cameron Cant – TA

Aiming for Awesome ?

Aiming for Awesome ?

Students from Wickersley School and Sports College were among the first to test out Cranworth Road’s latest sporting addition – indoor Archery. 

The floor to ceiling hall width Archery net was installed in January, and has enabled students to practice and perfect their Archery skills indoors with some healthy competition encouraged by WPT Outdoor Education Coordinator, Mr Bloor. 

The winning team posing for their victory photo.

The three teams took turns to shoot it out between them in a bid to get to the top of the leader board. It was a strong competition from the students, but only one team could claim the top spot and pose for their victory photo by the target. 

Mr Bloor was on hand to help the students perfect their posture and hold on the bow, and they all represented and upheld the school PE Way perfectly during the session.  

Well done team! 👏