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WPT Media Officer’s Design Success

Between July and November of 2022, WPT Media and Design Officer, April, took part in D&AD Shift London – a free, industry-led night school program pioneering in creative excellence in design and advertising.  

April was part of the Shift with Google program – along with 20 other creatives – taking night classes in London. 

This included visiting five different creative agencies, listening to talks from over 30 industry professionals and receiving live briefs from big brands like Adidas, Guinness and Penguin. 

April and her team had to pitch their own creative ideas and went as far winning Guinness’ 0.0 with their campaign ‘The Only Pressure is in the Can’, with the adept idea that there should be no pressure for people to drink alcohol.

April Pembleton, Media Officer at WPT, said: “600 people applied for the Shift Program, so I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected. The lessons I have learnt and the briefs I have worked on will be completely invaluable to my career. I can’t wait to introduce my new skills at WPT.” 

More information about D&AD Shift London can be accessed below: