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WPT Opens Newly Refurbished Swimming Pool

For many years now, we’ve been hosting swimming lessons for students across the Trust and the borough at our swimming pool at Aston Lodge Primary School.

This year, we decided it was time to give the pool area some TLC with a full refurbishment.

As part of the Trust’s plans to decarbonise all of our premises, we got Novus Mechanical in to complete the following works:

  • Replace the gas boilers that originally heated the pool and the building with an air source heat pump. This has removed the reliance on fossil fuels
  • Install solar panels to generate renewable energy to run the air source heat pump

We also had Pioneer Construction Services in to install: 

  • New windows and doors to help reduce heat loss
  • New flooring throughout
  • Suspended ceiling
  • A new pool liner
  • Insulation above the suspended ceiling to help reduce heat loss 

As well as this, all internal walls have been over cladded with hygienic PVC and the toilets have been refurbished.

Freya Smith, Swimming Coach at WPT, said: “It’s been great to have the swimming pool back open with a fresh new look. Over the last few weeks we’ve already had many children from the Trust through its doors and we can’t wait to continue providing swimming and water safety lessons for our students.”

A big thank you to Novus Mechanical and Pioneer Construction Services for their work on this project.