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Summer School 2022

Wednesday 3rd August Update

Today marks the very last day of our 2022 Summer School Extravaganza. Over the past two weeks, almost 250 students have attended and enjoyed a huge variety of activities and workshops.

New Year 7 students from across the Trust’s 5 secondary schools have enjoyed:

  • Watersports at Ulley
  • STEM
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Novel Studies
  • Multi-Sports
  • Circus Skills
  • Music and Theatre

The students have had a brilliant time, but none of this would have been possible without the help, support and dedication of the staff involved in putting the Summer School together. From organising and running the event to driving minibuses; running and supporting workshops to setting up the tents and various rooms, and of course publicising the event, thank you to everyone involved.

A special shout-out to our external partners:

  • The Learners’ Trust
  • Steam Works
  • Computer Xplorers

Tuesday 2nd August Update

Today was the penultimate session of our 2022 Summer School. The weather wasn’t on our side, so participants today enjoyed Music and Theatre, Arts and Crafts and indoor badminton and rock climbing.

We’re hoping for much better weather tomorrow for our last day.

Monday 1st August Update

Friday saw several groups of students reaching for the stars, as they conquered their fears and scaled the indoor climbing wall.

Connor Spruce, Rawmarsh Teacher, said: “A few people were a little hesitant at the start on the climbing wall, but after seeing everyone else doing it and after attempting it once themselves, they realised it was safe to do and now everyone seems to be having a great time.”

Despite feeling anxious at the start, some students relished the opportunity.

“It’s been really enjoyable and really fun. It’s always good to challenge yourself, because if you don’t then you’ll never know if you can actually do something or not,” said Year 6 student Casey.

Students in the multi-sport groups also got to play netball, with both sessions providing crucial learning to all participants.

Mr Spruce, said: “During these classes the students have been developing teamwork and collaboration skills which are ultimately giving them the soft skills that they need to go on and be successful in the wider world. “

Friday 29th July Update

Week two of Wickersley Partnership Trust’s Summer School kicked off yesterday and some students were thrown straight into the action at Ulley Reservoir.

Students in Groups one and two stunned WPT teachers as they smashed their Kayaking and Canoeing tasks.

Miss Natalie Simister from The Gainsborough Academy, said: “It’s been really good and the kids have surprised me massively as well! Certain kids who I didn’t think would like it have excelled with it. They’ve all had a right giggle, so it’s been really good!”

Year 6 student Alfie said: “It’s been a really fun day and the activities have given us a chance to try new things that we might not have known we could do.”

Thursday 28th July Update

The fun continued yesterday on the last day of our week 1 cohort’s Summer School experience.

In the Circus session, students learnt how to successfully complete a range of exciting circus skills, from learning to juggle, to walking on stilts, to plate spinning and controlling a diablo.

Run by members of Yorkshire’s Green Top Circus, the students were introduced to the world of circus acts in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Trudy Patient, Green Top Circus coach, said: “I don’t think people realise the real benefits that circus skills can bring until they have participated in a workshop. The kids think that they are just having fun, but they are actually learning all about resilience and hand-eye coordination.

“The physical and mental exercise you get from circus skills is brilliant for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Most of the time quite a lot of us are sat down in front of computers, or in front of screens and so to allow yourself to play, as well as learn is just brilliant.”

Some students were able to complete the sessions twice, with the class receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions from the students.

Year 6 student Oskaras said: “I really liked the diablo and stilts, because I got to learn different skills and have fun.

“I would definitely recommend giving this a try, it has been 10 out of 10!”

Elsewhere across the site, students had fun in coding and robotics and multi-sports.

Wednesday 27th July Update

In the Arts and Craft tent, students were encouraged to release their inner creativity as they made their own scrap books.

The session was run by members of the Learner’s Trust, a company that aims to enrich lives through inspiring curriculum experiences.

Sian Thomas, a member of the Learners’ Trust, said: “It’s important to do creative activities in a summer camp environment because they are on holiday, so they need something to distress. But from what we’ve been doing they have had to do a wide range of skills, from learning how to focus, to really thinking about themselves and also how to problem solve. So despite it being fun and artistic, it ticks a whole load of boxes for their education.”

As the students tackled the task at hand, Sian noticed how well students worked to overcome the challenge of working independently.

“They aren’t told exactly how to do it, they don’t follow an exact system, so they really have to work it out themselves, which is something some of them have really struggled with, but they’ve all done it and they’ve all been brilliant,” Sian added.

Despite being held within a school facility, Year 6 student Billy said: “It still feels like summer and I’ve had so much fun!

“My favourite bit has been making the scrap book, because it’s exciting and you can pick whatever you want to put on it.”

Tuesday 26th July Update

Wickersley Partnership Trust (WPT) were thrilled this past Thursday to launch their second annual Summer School. The Summer School, running for two weeks, is open to all Year 6 students moving into Year 7 at our five secondary schools. This year, almost 250 students are taking part in either week one or week two, with a huge variety of events and activities available each day to ensure that children not only learn valuable skills to help them in their secondary school journey, but also have fun doing so. Activities on offer include watersports at Ulley,  STEM, Art and Craft, Music and Theatre, coding and robotics and even circus skills! To enhance WPT’s recently launched reading offer, which sees all secondary school students partake in 20 minutes dedicated reading time each day, a reading session will also take place, with all students who take part given a copy of the chosen novel, ‘The Day the Screens Went Blank’ by Danny Wallace to take home with them.

As well as utilising the expertise of WPT staff, this year we’re being helped in some sessions by Learners’ Trust and Steam Works, both amazing local businesses. Steam Works specialise in enabling schools to inspire future inventors, engineers and scientists through science, technology, engineering, art and maths based workshops. The Learners’ Trust aims to enrich lives through inspiring curriculum experiences.

Matt Sutton, Senior Operations Manager, Wickersley Partnership Trust, said: ‘It’s great to see the children enjoying a range of activities, in particular the tie-dye paintings produced are very colourful and artistic. We’ve invested a significant amount of time into organising the Summer School, and I’d like to thank schools from across the Trust for pooling resources to allow children to make use of some fantastic equipment such as Tchoukball and bell tents.’

Look out for more photos and information over the next few days as our 2022 Summer School continues.

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