Aston Hall and Rawmarsh Sandhill Represent WPT at the Greater Sheffield Bouldering Competition

Aston Hall and Rawmarsh Sandhill Represent WPT at the Greater Sheffield Bouldering Competition

On Friday 4th February, students from Aston Hall Junior & Infant School and Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School competed in the Greater Sheffield Bouldering Competition at the Climbing Works in Sheffield.

Both schools qualified due to having the quickest five climbers in the ‘WPT Speed Climb’, which all eight Trust primary schools have taken part in during Term 1 and 2.

The two teams tackled a number of bouldering problems during the day, with the children having to use their heads to plot the best routes from the start hold to the finish hold. Each child got four attempts at each climb; 10 points were scored if they competed on try 1, 7 points on try 2, 5 points on try 3 and 3 points if they managed it on their final try. There was also a bonus hold on each climb, where the children would score an additional point for reaching if they didn’t manage to complete the climb.

Mr Walker and Mr Bloor were extremely impressed with both teams, who tackled all the problems in front of them with a real ‘never give up’ mentality.

Over 300 children will have taken part in the qualifying round between January and February half term, with the top 10 schools progressing through to the regional finals in March.

The results are in…

Over 80 Greater Sheffield primary school students attended the qualification rounds, with the top 9 schools qualifying for the finals below:

1st Hoyland Common Primary School
2nd Aston Hall Junior School
3rd Birdwell Primary School
4th Barlow C of E Primary
5th Rawmarsh Sandhill
6th Sitwell Junior School
7th Hoyland Springwood
8th Gorsey Brigg
9th Burton Road Primary School
The finals for Greater Sheffield Primary Schools will take place on the 30th March at 9:00-12:00pm. 
To finish 2nd and 5th is an amazing achievement, especially to say it was the first time our children had tackled bouldering problems (all the climbing they’re done with us at WPT they’ve had a harness on – this was all free climbing). We look forward to seeing how they get on in the finals at the end of March.
WPT Hosts Day 2 of U11 Sports Hall Athletics Heats

WPT Hosts Day 2 of U11 Sports Hall Athletics Heats

On Wednesday 2nd February, Wickersley Partnership Trust hosted Day 2 of the Rotherham School Games U11 Sports Hall Athletics event.

13 schools from across the region took part, taking the total number of participating schools to 28. 

Taking place across three separate heats, children competed in a range of athletics events which tested their speed, strength, skill and stamina.

Mr Sutherill, School Games Organisor, said: “It was great to see so many children engaged in competitive sport. For many the event will have been their first chance to represent their school in a  sports event, and all the children who attended showed an excellent attitude and high level of skill throughout. We saw some amazing races and field event performances – every child should be proud of their achievements.”

In total, 260 children attended Wednesday’s event meaning that – across the whole U11 Rotherham Sports Hall Athletics event – almost 600 children had the chance to compete. 

Congratulations to the overall winners, St Bede’s, who narrowly beat Listerdale and Swinton Queen into 2nd and 3rd place respectively, and will join Bramley Sunnyside in representing Rotherham in the South Yorkshire Finals in March.

Y9 Cross-Trust RE Drop Down Day

Y9 Cross-Trust RE Drop Down Day

All Y9 students across our secondary schools have recently taken part in a pilot project with The Faith and Belief Forum.

The Faith & Belief Forum is a group that was founded in 1997 as the Three Faiths Forum (focussing initially on bringing understanding between Jews, Christians & Muslims). Over the years the organisation’s work has expanded to include people of all faiths and beliefs, both religious and non-religious.

As part of the sessions students explored how to develop a safe space for active listening and effective dialogue to learn about different ideas and viewpoints. Students then joined a virtual interfaith panel in which two trained speakers from different faith and belief backgrounds shared their personal stories and answered student questions.  Across our five secondary schools the interfaith panels included the views of: Agnosticism, Christianity, Humanism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and the modern Pagan new religious movement (Asatru).

Wickersley Partnership Trust believes that young people should feel confident and able to communicate and collaborate with anyone, regardless of their faith, belief, culture or background. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring our curriculum enables students to develop the skills and attributes to play their full role in today’s diverse society. We are incredibly proud of the conduct students displayed during these sessions and look forward to collaborating with The Faith and Belief Forum again in the future.

Wickersley's Evie Thomson Ranks As National U17 No1 Female Runner

Wickersley's Evie Thomson Ranks As National U17 No1 Female Runner

Wickersley Y11 student, Evie Thomson, has been ranked by Run Britain as the National U17 Number 1 Female Runner.

There are 1000 runners ranked for her category, with 9000 total runners in the category, so an incredible achievement!

Evie was recognised in primary school for showing a lot of promise as a cross country runner and since then has gone from strength to strength due to her dedication and hard work. 

Having placed 1st in all recent races, Evie is also the reigning Yorkshire Champion and is working towards performing at the National Cross Country Championships in London at the end of February.

We are all extremely proud of Evie’s achievement so far and look forward to hearing about her upcoming performance in London. 

Congratulations, Evie, and good luck at the Nationals.