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Wickersley Students, Jacob and Ashton, Share Their Acts of Kindness

As part of Wickersley Pledges, Wickersley School have shared an exceptional example of ‘acts of kindness’ becoming wonderful habits for now and the future.

Jacob and Ashton Crofts and their family have been fostering for over nine years and the family couldn’t have continued to do this without the boys’ support and caring nature.

The family offers respite care for children with additional needs. Jacob and Ashton – often with their friends – help the children with all sorts of things such as helping to gel their hair if they are going out, tying shoelaces (as well as teaching them how to do this), sharing toys/games, teaching them new skills and always offering them their time.

The boys demonstrate kindness at home, in the community and at school. It could be said that the boys take this action without thinking about it as completing acts of kindness has become a part of who they are, and their second nature.

The family, Wickersley School and Wickersley Partnership Trust would like to recognise Jacob and Ashton for everything they do so consistently, and for setting an incredible example of how we can all support others.

We are so proud of you both.