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NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Bus Makes Stop at Wickersley Sixth Form

Today – between 11am and 2pm – there was a NHS vaccination bus parked outside of Wickersley School and Sports College. The purpose of the bus was to provide first Pfizer vaccinations to as many of our Sixth Form students – who wished to receive the vaccine – as possible.

This was part of local efforts in Rotherham to get more young people (16+) vaccinated. For more information on the vaccine bus and who is eligible, please visit:

All of the students who ‘grabbed a jab’ today commented on the convenience of the bus – read what they said below. 

Emily Curson, Sixth Form student, said: “Getting the vaccination was very quick and it was convenient that the bus was brought to us at school. It’s a good idea for us to get the vaccination at sixth form to protect ourselves and others.” 

Aaban Shah, Sixth Form student, said: “I received the letter at home about getting the vaccine and a couple of days later I was told that there would be the vaccination bus outside of school, which was convenient. I think the vaccination bus is a great idea as it is mobile so it is more accessible to the public.” 

Luke Richardson, Sixth Form student, said: “The vaccination process was quick, simple and well-organised. When I found out about the bus, I thought I may as well have the vaccine to protect myself more.”

Megan Harpham, Sixth Form student said: “The vaccine was good – it didn’t hurt at all. I decided to get the vaccine so that I can be protected to go to more places.”

Olivia Crerar, Sixth Form student, said: “I wanted the vaccine and it was quicker and safer for me to get the vaccine here than having to travel to other places for it.”

Jacob O’Sullivan, Sixth Form student, said: “It was good that it was right outside of school so that I could get the vaccine and start to get my vaccine passport to get into places.”

Thank you to the NHS for coming along and giving our students the option to quickly get their jabs.