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Summer School 2021

23/07/21 – 4pm A huge thank you to all staff and students who participated in this week’s WPT Summer Schools. Smiles were aplenty throughout the week as Y6 students took part in a range of classroom, creative and active sessions across two of our secondary school sites. 
For many, the highlight was experiencing water sports activities at Ulley Reservoir. However, our visit to Magna was also a hit among a number of students.
We look forward to welcoming even more participants on Monday for the start of our Week 2 Summer School, bringing together students from across all five of our secondary schools.
All of our Summer School events are intended to support transition into Y7, while also providing opportunities for academic catch up and enrichment following another year disrupted by the pandemic.

23/07/21 – 2pm Yesterday our summer school students visited Magna and experienced Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They were exposed to ‘the big melt’ where they learnt about the steel industry and the history behind the site on which Magna was built and experimented with the 4 elements, learning of their significance and the science behind how each of the elements are formed, are used and their significance in their everyday lives. The students and staff had an amazing day exploring and learning and we couldn’t leave without having a bit of free time at the Park in the afternoon sun.

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