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Game Academy Bootcamp

Game Academy Bootcamp: How to Get Your Dream Job by Playing Games

If you’re a gamer, did you know that video gaming skills are in great demand by employers?

There is a Game Academy bootcamp – in collaboration with Speakers for Schools – this summer, which is open for students (14+) attending school in Rotherham and neighbouring towns.

Here, you’ll play games by yourself and with others, experience quests and challenges, and hear from gamers who have achieved big things from their work in gaming.

It is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience of jobs in the gaming industry but is also a chance to learn how skills developed through gaming can be applied in other careers – local and national employers will be involved as well as the gaming museum in Sheffield. 

The gaming virtual work experience is open to Years 10 and 11, and will run from 16th – 20th August 2021.