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Ashwood’s Jack Scott Publishes a Book!

Year 3 student at Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School, Jack Scott, has published his very own book, ‘Connor’!

During the trials and tribulations of lockdown boredom, Jack took to his diary to entertain himself and wrote about a talking dog who was his best friend. After reading snippets of the story to his mum, she encouraged Jack to type it up and make a storybook out of it to read to his siblings and grandparents.

Little by little, the story grew and Jack was eager to continue to make something that he could call his own. A few readers and listeners later, he was advised to turn it into a book to be published.

Once Jack chose the front cover and how his writing was set in the book, he published it on Amazon!

Laura Farmer, Jack’s Teacher at Ashwood Primary School said: “Jack has always had a passion for reading, and enjoys getting lost in a book. We are so proud of him and what he has achieved. His classmates and teachers have all bought the book and we can’t wait to read it.”

Well done, Jack – we are all proud of you!