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Year 8s take part in dedicated options PSHE lessons

Last week, all of our year 8 students started their options process, which will eventually establish which subjects they will be studying alongside the core curriculum next year in year 9. 

To navigate the students through the process of picking the right subjects for them and their futures, all year 8s’ timetabled PSHE lessons have been dedicated to their options and potential careers. 

Over this week and last, Mrs Ward has been delivering online PSHE lessons, including a presentation, and an opportunity for discussions and reflections throughout the sessions – designed to challenge the students’ thinking to make informed choices. Last week, the lessons focused on options and life after school, with this week is focusing on what to choose and why.

The PSHE workshops cover a range of careers and will have links to the Local Labour Market, which is a true reflection of the opportunities in the local area. Discussions and input from HEPPSY are also included, which will link careers to the curriculum.

“Year 8 have started the process of thinking about their options. This will give students the opportunity to take part in a broad and balanced curriculum during year 9 and to try a range of specialisms. These workshops will help students to evaluate and prepare for these choices. They have been timetabled into their PSHE lessons and it is important that students attend all of the sessions that are available.” – Mr Rushton, Assistant Headteacher